Theme and Game

So… the theme for this year’s jam (“What do we do now?” is kind of crazy, so we had a long discussion and came up with a fun little game that made everyone happy to work on.

It’s gonna be a short 2D old-style adventure game, with 8-bit RPG graphics. Just take a look at those awesome graphics and background music:

Hero's room

Hero’s room. Where everything starts.

Play background music

Basically speaking, the game will be about a little dude that breaks the internet and has to find stuff to do, or else he’ll literally die of boredom. He’ll roam around his house, and later in development, around Montreal trying to keep himself entertained.

Some of the activities will have more than one option, like petting a cat or kicking the same cat, with different results. Each activity makes your boredom level lower or higher, depending on type of activity and frequency of utilization.

After dying of boredom, the hero can come back and try again, always progressing farther than the last time, hopefully.

So… hope you guys like our idea, and give us some feedback on it, even now, or later, so we can continue development even after the Jam ends.



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